Is It Possible to Start a Business with No Money?

Is it really possible to start a business with no money? I am happy to say yes, it is totally possible and I have done it. Of course, the trade off is that you will have to put time and energy into it. It's definitely the slower method, but looking back I realize how much I have grown by the "Do it yourself method". I found some wonderful sites with free tutorials in all media.  Then there's the live training in web conference rooms. It's almost like being in a physical classroom. There's an instructor to interact with. You can follow what they're doing as they are doing it. And I did it for FREE!

I had been self employed most of my life, but doing business on the Web is a little different. Those are the things that I had to learn- how to build a website, get a domain, hosting, how and where to promote my business. I found by spending quite a bit of time researching, all these things can be done for free or you can spend a fortune if you don't know where to look. I spent enough on those sites and now know better.

No-Cost way to make money online

One way to start making money online is Affiliate Marketing, where you promote and send people to purchase a product for a company and earn a commission on each sale. the companies usually provide you with a url to give people so you don't need a website. There's many ways to promote that product. you could;

  • Write a review of it on a blog Blogger and are two of the best free hosted ones. These sites host your blog for you.
  • Write a Squidoo lens. Squidoo is site where you can create one page blogs which they call Lens. they also provide easy ways to add several ways to add income generators such as Amazon products or ebay listings. You share in the revenue generated on your site.
  • Forums. Find a forum on your topic and join. Do not just post ads or you'll be banned from the site. You should go there and post tips, answer people's questions. Your link can go into a signature file and will be seen at the end of your post. part of selling is building a relationship w/ your readers.
  • Article Directories are great free resources. Write several articles and submit them to article directories. Please follow their rules or your articles will not be posted. You can place a link in your resource box if they would like to find out more.
  • Write a Factoidz. Just as I am doing. You can go to a number of other sites that do the same thing. This helps establish yourself as an expert in your field.
  • Ebay auctions. either place a regular listing or a classified ad, whichever is more appropriate. Most affiliate products don't work well on eBay. I have built downlines from placing an auction for a free website for Free Store Club. I have also gotten resell products from Internet Marketing Giveaway Events and sold them on eBay
  • There are sites to place free classifieds, but I've never had much luck with them..

You can even put up free websites, most have some sort of banner advertising, a few do not. The downside is that any of these places that give you free web space are limiting. They limit how and what kind of content you place on their sites. You are limited to whatever affiliate associations they offer. they often give you long long urls for your site and they often have banner ads that you have no control over. With all their limitations, they are a good place to start and another place place to have your name or product seen even if you do get a domain and hosting account. I presently do both. It's well worth the money to get your own if you can. There's plenty of cheap hosting out there- and some include online training.

Once I made a little money, I purchased a domain for under $8.00/ year and a hosting account for $10. a year. So my total cost to start my business was $18.00 . My problem was that as with most hosting companies, you are expected to know what to do. You are given your space and control panel, and they wish you luck. It wasn't until I came across a couple sites that offered live online trainings and free memberships that I learned what to do and soon even started my own hosting company.. I then did a search on "Free online trainings" and was able to find several more sites that offered this kind of training. There are only a few of them still around, most of the ones I had attended, now have paid classes only.

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