Small Businesses Versus Major Corporations

Support your local small businesses. By locally and save as well as help the economy.

Small businesses come and go due to the harsh economy and big company competitors that put them out of business. This has been done with coffee houses that we won’t mention as well as many other different business types. I support small businesses because they create more jobs, competitive markets, and just a well balanced economy. The business of discussion today is book stores.

With as many bookstores as we have in the United States many know about Barnes & Noble’s, Borders,,, and many more. There are a lot of big name bookstores on and offline. What people tend to overlook are their local small business bookstores.

Most big name bookstores have a huge store with a great selection of new releases and some hard to find books. They often even have a place you can sit down and read while you drink coffee that they offer via small vendor located within their store. They also have the biggest mark ups. Retail works like this. The bigger the orders, the cheaper the individual cost of the book. Big name stores always order in bulk from their vendors and store merchandise in warehouses or storage facilities.

Big name stores have the ability to give you the best deals and some offer them to you on specific merchandise but not all. This is due to studies done through sales researchers and their findings are what they use to decide what MSRP to set for the merchandise. Major corporations make billions on sales because we the general public are willing to pay the price they set.

My suggestion to you is this. Rather than going to a major store and facing the consequences of price gouging, check out your local small business bookstores and see what they have to offer. I found one in the Portland-Sellwood area of Oregon called Wallace Books. It is very family friendly. It looks to have once been a house that was transformed into the bookstore with every room inside filled with books from floor to ceiling.

It is a family owned business owned and ran by Julie Wallace. Julie seems to hire the friendliest of people that greet you upon entering and are always willing to help you find whatever you are looking for. Not once have I asked to find something that they did not have. I am sure they don’t have everything however I have not yet discovered anything of my interest that they do not carry.

There are so many smaller bookstores that are family friendly and many are right in our own neighborhoods. Many offer you a variety of used and new books at reasonable prices and often even better than the big name stores. Do your research and find out what your neighborhood has to offer you.

Article by Kevin C. Davison

“I write to entertain, and for a cause.”


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